MIKVA (352-5048)  The Mathilda Goldflies Mikvah is located at the rear of the Bruriah High School Building at 35 North Avenue, Elizabeth New Jersey. Please note that for security reasons, a guard is stationed in the parking lot during weekday hours of operation. 

The hours for March are: March 2-14 Sat -Th 8-10, March 16-31 Sat  & Purim night Wed 3/20 9-10:30, Sun-Thu 8-10.

Friday night shomrot at the North Avenue mikva are: March 1 Shaindy Pinsker (353-8667), Mar 8 Yosefa Brown (220-2996), Mar 15 Bracha Erblich (576-7213), Mar 22 Shoshana Greenblatt (500-6929), March 29 Yosefa Brown (220-2996), Apr 5 Shaindy Pinsker (353-8667).

The Elmora Avenue mikvah is located in the JEC Elmora Campus building - 330 Elmora Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It is used for Shabbos and Yom Tov appointments only. For Friday/yom tov appointments at the Elmora mikva call Rachael Katz (305-5532). 

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